- Jul 22, 2014
While there is an app for just about everything under the sun, there is a whole category of customization apps that allow users to personalize things through the application. This concept of co-creation lets people put their own personal spin on things and interact with the app in a meaningful way.

Whether it's a mobile application, for the web or a tablet, there are lots of ways customization through apps can happen. Many of these customization apps are artistic in nature and allow users to edit pictures or send unique messages to their friends. This includes snapshotting design, animation texting and video remixing apps. Others offer a more branded experience in an effort to get customers to engage with the company or product, like 3D pizza apps from Domino's. You can also use apps to personalize an interface or organize information, such as personalized sporting events.

From Encouraging Word-Sharing Websites to Wireless Custom Earbuds: