From Gorgeous Photoshoots to Copycat Celeb Styles

 - Nov 14, 2011
Courtney Love is somewhat of an icon, but for so many different things, which becomes clear by taking a look through this list of Courtney Love captures.

Her fashion sense is endlessly copied (even by other celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Momsen), her music is great and always overlooked (Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin’ and ‘Live Through This’ are classic albums), and her public persona is legendary.

Although Courtney Love has experienced plenty of ups and downs, the singer/actress/who knows what else, is an icon in my eyes and I will continue to root for her success. The former wife of Kurt Cobain has had such an influence on pop culture, particularly in the '90s, that it is only right to honor her.

Take a look through this gallery of Courtney Love captures to see just how influential Ms. Love has been.