Famous Faces Take On the Tabloids with Self-Penned Blogs

 - Jan 15, 2009
References: nypost
As this hilarious YouTube PSA about celebrity blogaholism shows, we have a serious addiction to the celebrity blog genre.

However, The New York Post says that the trend for 2009 won’t be blogging about celebrities, but celebrities blogging themselves! To disseminate information directly from the horse’s mouth, celebrities are signing up for MySpace, blogging journal sites and even adding blog sections to their own websites.

The New York Post article gives a sampling of the hottest celebrity blogs, how often they are updated, where they can be found on the web, why it’s interesting, and a sample of the blog. Below is the Lindsay Lohan blog rundown. Blogs from stars like John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Ricky Gervais, Courtney Love, Diablo Cody, Lily Allen, and cast members from ‘The Office’ are all covered.

Some surprises were Jeff Bridges’ abstract blog entries and Matthew McConaughey’s insights. Of course, Kanye West is revealed as one of the best blogs to read. The NYP says, "The rap star updates his photo-driven blog almost daily, making it a window into whatever gadget or supermodel he’s coveting that minute." Trend Hunter knows the benefit of Kanye’s blog-savvy style, as he’s showcased trends from Trend Hunter in his blog.

This will be a huge trend in 2009 as Lindsay Lohan expresses the relief that she can talk to the public without any filters of media—what celebrity wouldn’t want that? And what celebrity blogaholic wouldn’t want the relief of reading the innermost thoughts, rants and typos of celebrity bloggers?