- Aug 19, 2013
Curvy and sensual, the contemporary furnishings created by designer Dima Loginoff always fill a space with the dramatic nuances of love-stricken fantasies and romantic inspirations.

They say the home is where the heart is, and Loginoff seems to agree as the designer's pieces always resonate with moody seduction. The 'Kisses' sofa, a series of bold, red Xs connected in a row, is fun and flirty, demonstrating the designer's good nature and affability. Items like the 'Mountain View' lamp and the 'Fifth Avenue' sofa are reminiscent of romantic destinations and scenic vistas that sweep people off their feet.

With a flair for the dramatics, Dima Loginoff's contemporary furnishings and home decor designs will capture the imagination of the smitten homeowner who is in love with life.

From Bleeding Cuckoo Clocks to Magnetized Chairs: