From Digital Cassette Converters to Retro Rhythm Pumpers

 - May 30, 2012
If you've been stressing over what to do with all of your old tapes, then sit down, take a deep breath and check out all of these contemporary cassette creations. Thanks to the retro revival, and a focus on upcycling, cassette tapes are more popular than ever.

As the world's consumers have become more eco-conscious, people have begun to question whether or not they should throw away their old electronics, or turn them into something new and useful. This has contributed to the rise of cassette tape upcycling. Here you'll find cassette tapes turned into flash drives, hard drives, MP3 players and even iPhone cases. There are also a handful of tape converters that let you salvage the music from your old tapes. Before you toss out your old tapes, take a peek at some of these contemporary cassette creations to see what could be.