From Clown Wig Couture to Sinister Clowntography

 - Jul 8, 2009   Updated: Jun 18 2011
People who hate clowns tend to REALLY hate clowns, and if that's the case for you, you're not going to like this cluster: at all.

From clown wig couture to circus nightmare photography, these are some interesting (and surprisingly fashion forward) uses of clown and circus images. Take a look at these circus inspired fashions and realize that even the scariest clown can be couture.

Implications - The fashion-forward clowns can be seen wearing fashions from high-end designer labels such as Stella McCartney. The bold makeup presented within the clown editorials provides great inspiration for daring fashionistas or ideas for Halloween looks. When clowns are dressed in hot fashions they definitely don't seem as scary.