From Candy Bar Cams to Sweet Number Crunchers

 - Jan 28, 2012
These irresistible chocolate-covered gadgets are perfect for sweet-toothed techies. Work your technological magic on any one of these creamy creations. Sure to get your tummy rumbling, these choco-centric gizmos are deliciously stylish and functional.

Taking aesthetic cues from one of the most alluring foods of all time, these chocolate-covered gadgets will tantalize your senses while you get the job done. From chocolate-inspired super cars to cute cocoa Wii controllers, there is plenty to delight food-loving tech nerds everywhere. Sugary sweet and reliable, these lush creamy creations will keep you engaged with their lickable appearance.

Sure to have you salivating while your checking the time on your cocoa butter watch, or surfing away on your rich and creamy iPad, these chocolate-covered gizmos are as decadent as the food that inspired them.