- Jul 6, 2013
One of the best parts about eating an ice cream sundae is enjoying that sweet and savory cherry on top, and if you can't get enough of this lusciously red fruit, then these cherry-topped desserts will definitely have you craving for more.

The presentation of a dish can make a huge difference as to how appealing it is to the average person, and by adding toppings and colorful pieces of fruit to a dessert it makes the overall appearance much more appetizing. That's why these cherry-topped desserts continue to be such an appealing meal choice. The adorably spherical form and eye-catching color of cherries serves to make them a must-have item on most sugary confections and treats.

From pint-sized sundaes to kid cocktail cakes, these cherry-topped desserts will certainly satisfy both children and adults looking for something sweet to munch on during the summer season.

From Toppling Cherry Garcia Cakes to Cherry Pie Cupcakes: