- Jan 29, 2011   Updated: Mar 31 2011
Seductive cat eyes have continuously been a hot makeup theme. The smoky effect helps enhance the eyes and creates a sensual feline look. From Cleopatra and Brigitte Bardot to Taylor Swift and Amy Winehouse, strong, powerful women have been rocking the simple winged-eyeliner style. The 1950s glam cat eyes are still a contemporary factor of fashion and beauty today.

Implications - Fashion and cosmetic aesthetics are oftentimes cyclical, and even something as retro as this particular trend can resurface decades later as strong as ever. No company wanting to be on the frontier of their target market's interests should find this particular fact surprising, but it does put the onus on them to stay on top of where those interests are going rather than trying to catch up to where they have been.

From Cleopatra Makeup on Men to Cat-Eyed Seductresses: