From Sunny-Side Up Desserts to Early Bird Cakes

 - Jan 12, 2012
These alluring breakfast-inspired cupcakes combine the tasty morsels associated with the morning meal with the awesome power of North America's favorite sugary indulgence. From cupcakes infused with bacon to cakes sporting plump poached eggs, there is no shortage of creative and delicious brunch-worthy designs. These early bird confections are so terribly tempting you might find yourself opting for one instead of the usual bacon and eggs.

From bacon studded stunners to sweet interpretations of sunny-side up eye-openers, these breakfast-inspired cupcakes are fun-loving and decadent. Dolled up with a playful element of kitsch, these tasty cakes give you the experience of a greasy spoon brunch without the booths and grimy tables. Bringing a little extra sugar, and calories, to the breakfast table, these cupcakes are downright evil.

Tempting, darling and delicious, these breakfast-inspired cupcakes are a naughty way to start your day.