From Anime Gaming Incentives to Lyrical Toast Giveaways

 - Sep 11, 2015
These branded promotions range from anime gaming incentives to lyrical toast giveaways that let consumers sample a product before buying it. When looking at the food and beverage industry, breakfast promotions like the Popeye's biscuit giveaway urge patrons to reserve a table at the casual eatery and ultimately encourage them to spend more money on the most important meal of the day.

Like this Popeye's promotion, KFC's 'Don't Panic Man' campaign offers free meals to patrons when the restaurant's social media channels are down. Unlike some other branded promotions, this example illustrates KFC's understanding of millennials and their reliance on social media and technology.

Furthermore, promotions and giveaways like Air Miles' selfie booth and Innovative Vending Solutions' tweet-to-buy kiosks also appeal to younger and more tech-savvy generations of consumers.