From Blinged Bridal Baking to Blinged-Out Weaponry

 - May 2, 2011
People say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but really, who doesn't like a little bling every now and again? While these blinged-out objects are typically reserved for the wealthy, there's something to be said for having too much of a good thing.

Seriously, watches and necklaces are one thing, but who really needs a jewel-encrusted AK-47 or a diamond-laced pet bowl? The following collection represents some of the most odd and bizarre objects blinged-out to the max and while the objects themselves aren't extraordinary in the least, it seems almost an embarrassment of riches to see them covered in jewels. Personally, I wouldn't mind owning a Swarovski Kinect for the Xbox 360; however, I don't think the reception would be very good.