From Fairytale Bed Sheets to Fake Bare Bodies

 - Jul 21, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
A duvet, comforter, or blanket is a pure, uncontroversial means of warmth, security, and relaxation.

With these stylish designs that have multiple themes, there are blankets in this cluster that are sure to be appealing to everyone.

Surprisingly, with the sole exception of the Google blanket, there are no references to pop-culture, celebrities, or anybody else making headlines in recent news!

Implications - When walking into a bedroom, one of the first things a person often looks at is the bed. Having an awesome duvet cover or comforter can completely change the look and feel of a bedroom. Whether you want soft and girlie or pimpin' and manly, these blankets are sure to give you some awesome decorating inspiration.