The Dark Drape Makes a Comeback in the Fashion Industry

 - May 18, 2012
Black veils have always been regarded as classy and sassy—they could make the difference between looking like Coco Chanel or Courtney Love.

This collection of black veils offers tips on how to stylishly sport a veil. This standout piece is not just for funerals or for the one time somebody invites you to an amateur fashion show. It can be worn to rock out the 1920s era fashion, which always comes off as sleek and vintage.

It's a big hit with weddings and bachelorette celebrations but they're usually not black. Black veils are simple, secretive and make outfits look polished, conveying a sense of conservative beauty. From fashion editorials to photoshoots, this collection of sassy black veils provides details and ideas on how to spice it up with a veil.