From Cutesy Cinematic Cartoons to Hipster Actor Art

 - Nov 17, 2011
These Bill Murray inspirations demonstrate the far-reaching appeal and massive success of one of the most renowned comedic actors of our time. Bill Murray's timeless roles have given rise to some of the most memorable and quotable scenes in cinematic history, which have provided pop culture artists with ample inspiration to create a whole slew of tongue-in-cheek pieces.

From Bill Murray Batmans to formal military portraits featuring the king of quirk, these hilarious Bill Murray inspirations never fail to bring a nostalgic smile to your lips. Whether you loved him in Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day or you're a general all-around Murray fan, you'll appreciate these knee-slapping pieces that so accurately capture the dead pan comedic genius of the great Bill Murray.

Sure to have you scouring your BluRay collection in search of a few hilarious cinematic classics, these Bill Murray inspirations will have you marathoning through the actor's filmography.