From Bottle Cap Balms to Organic Beard Oils

 - Oct 14, 2015
Like it or not, the lumbersexual movement is here to stay, and this makes beard care an essential element -- and burgeoning market -- of modern men's fashion.

The world seems to have gone beard-crazy. There's even been a term coined -- lumbersexual -- just for men with attractive beards and a rugged, plaid-laden sense of style. Popular opinion and journalistic debate go back and forth on whether or not society has reached "peak beard," the period when fashion will tire of bountiful facial hair and revert to a preference for clean-shaven faces. We even have a holiday dedicated to facial hair: Movember, when men grow mustaches in support of prostate cancer.

So at this point, no matter whether you love or hate beards, everyone has someone in their life who could use some luxurious beard care in their life. From scented oils to specialized shampoos, the world of beard care is rife with new ideas.