From Chocolate Box Birdhouses to Backpack Bird Cages

 - Apr 10, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
Birds can live better than humans, as evidenced by these ballin' bird houses. Birds are nature's freeloaders.

You build a bird a house, and all he does is not pay rent and eat all the feed. I refuse to build/buy any of these ballin' bird houses until I see a shred of avian appreciation. I can wait, birds.

Implications - Here you'll find everything from avian apartments to solar birdhouses, showing that the technological advancements of this information age are not exclusive to one single species. You'll even see small town birdhouses, which are reminiscent of charming little villages.

Ultimately, this list is a way for you to provide your feathered friends with an array of housing options -- those nests made from twigs don't look very cozy.