- Oct 27, 2011
From the days of classic elegance to now, aviator fashions have been strongly present in magazines and fashion photography, and these attractive aviator editorials show how airplanes and flight glamor is always elegant, sexy and never out of style. Flying is an activity that still surprises and inspires many because of its beauty and grandiose task of taking over the sky.

Sporting a classic, Hollywood-inspired pilot ensemble or a chic futuristic outfit, both female and male models have posed inside or outside airplanes. Leather pieces and shiny glasses are a must-have for these shoots. Additionally, masculine garments like a white-collared shirt with a black tie are also essentials for sensual feminine pilot appearances. 

Generally shot in opaque hues to give a retro touch, these attractive aviator editorials will have anyone wanting for more, as they take on an unexpected fashionable journey through deep, blue skies.

From Fly Boy Photoshoots to Glamorous Aviator Galleries: