From Sunny Starlet Cover Shoots to Feminine Graffiti Frocks

 - Jan 3, 2013
To help keep on top of the quirkiest clothing finds, these ASOS fashion features and creations range from adorable to obscure. ASOS is an online retailer that not only sells a variety of clothing and accessories, but also publishes a monthly magazine that specializes in highlighting some of bodacious babes of the moment. The British retailer is coveted by the fashion-forward as being the producer of some seriously cutting edge clothing and in-depth editorials that dive deep into the garment industry's inner workings.

Tailored for men and women, ASOS makes immense strides in the crossover of various aspects of the garment industry by not focusing on one element in particular, but by evenly spreading influence across the blogosphere, print circulations and even celebrity endorsements.