From Rice-Based Facial Oils to Fermented Tea Moizturizers

 - Nov 20, 2015
In recent years, Asian skincare products appear to have dominated the beauty industry. While many consumers are growing more familiar with South Korean and Japanese beauty brands, few are aware of companies based in Southeast Asia. In particular, companies in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippians are becoming especially popular worldwide.

One characteristic that is common among many Southeast Asian brands is a penchant for natural ingredients. Some of these natural ingredients come from common food items such as rice bran oil and coffee grounds. There are also a number of unfamiliar ingredients found in these products, including carabao milk and white water lily blossoms.

Beyond using natural ingredients, many of these companies take a sustainable approach to production. For example, there are Thai companies that rely on locally sourced rice to produce their products. There are also Indonesian beauty brands that adhere to halal manufacturing processes.