This Soap is Made from the Milk of a Domestic Water Buffalo

 - Nov 20, 2015
References: kalamilksoap
'Kala Milk Soap' is a Filipino company producing handcrafted soap out of carabao milk. Unknown to most Westerners, the carabao is a domestic water buffalo that is found throughout the Philippians. This company works with local carabao farmers to turn the draught animal's milk into luxurious bars of soap.

Kala Milk Soap is the world's first bath soap made from carabao milk and other natural ingredients such as coconut oil. Carabao milk has an extremely high content of butterfat, which gives it exceptional moisturizing properties. The soap is then enhanced with essential oils for added skin-boosting benefits. The soap bars are available in eight different varieties, each of which targets a different skin problem.

While the idea of using animal milk to make bath soap is nothing new, Kala Milk Soap makes use of a uniquely Filipino ingredient.