From Stigma-Slaying Stories to Guidofied Comic Books

 - Jul 16, 2012
These Archie comic-inspired innovations show how popular and beloved the kids from Riverdale really are.

Proven to have a lasting influence and with many beloved fans from around the world, this is the epitome of a classic comic without superheroes. Relatable, goofy and always bringing the drama, the story lines of this comic always connected to readers in a big way.

In terms of modern depictions of the characters, designers often capitalize on the love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica. Other times, recreations of the content seek to scandalize the teens, like the 'Guidofied' version created to emulate the questionable antics of the Jersey Shore cast.

Iconic looking and with unforgettable characters, Archie comics are a crowd-pleasing classics bound to stay around for years to come.