The ‘B and V Fashions' Tumblr Features Betty and Veronica

My favorite part of reading Archie Comics as a kid was seeing what Betty and Veronica were up to in each issue, and the 'B and V Fashions' Tumblr celebrates the two fabulous characters as style icons.

The blog is a collection of different outfits Betty and Veronica has worn throughout the years. From the sexy slim-fitting dresses of Veronica to the more casual shorts and T-shirts of Betty, B and V Fashions illustrates the wide variety of looks these girls can pull off.

Check out the Tumblr for some inspiration from two comic book characters who know how to make a statement despite their 2D selves.

Implications - Products that offer a sense of nostalgia attract shoppers who look for ways to relive past memories. Companies attempting to increase their revenue could focus on injecting an element of the past into their newer items.