- Oct 10, 2009   Updated: May 19 2011
In a day and age where what is 'real' is a blurred line between the natural and the computer-enhanced, consumers, celebrities and average joes are starting to turn away from Photoshop.

From amazing photographs created without the use of modern technology to celebrities like Brad Bitt going Photoshop-free, this cluster will have you picketing Photoshop once you're finished looking through the gallery.

Implications - With technological advances in post-production tools such as Adobe Photoshop, photographers have more freedom to change the common perception of perfection as consumers grow more and more tired of plastic people. Magazines have recognized, through backlash from audiences, that they can no longer publish heavily Photoshopped images without being criticized. By producing photos that are barely retouched, companies are more likely to enjoy a positive response.

From the Aging Brad Pitt to Anti-Photoshop Artwork: