- Apr 18, 2013
One popular pastime for most pet lovers is taking their canine and feline friends and dressing them up like respectable humans, and this list of cute animal wear gives some great examples of some of the many funny ways pets have been decked out in their owner’s best formal wear.

Wearing everything from holiday themed animal attire to pet wedding clothes, there is a large range of examples of pet owners getting very creative with these sometimes wacky and other times debonair ensembles they’ve devised for their four legged friends.

One of my favorite and most memorable examples of animal wear is the accessorized poultry pics, because while there are many examples of cute and cuddly dogs and cats wearing bow ties and cute clothes, there are very few pet enthusiasts thinking about decking out a little chick.

This Cute Animal Wear Turns These Pets From Dopey to Dapper: