From the Return of the Beehive to Badass Mini Impersonators

 - Jan 5, 2010   Updated: Mar 27 2011
She is back, my friends. Back in the news, back in the music scene, and back in trouble, no doubt. The Rehab singer is out of her self-induced exile, and I am celebrating with 16 Amy Winehouse Innovations, from the Return of the Beehive to Badass Mini Impersonators, the Winehouse can do not wrong (except that whole drug thing).

Implications - Celebrities are standard media fixtures, but Amy Winehouse's peculiar blend of talent and troublesome behavior garnered her more press than most. Fashion designers around the world clamored to channel Amy Winehouse's signature retro-modern hair and makeup, while artists envisioned their own takes on her seemingly inevitable path to destruction via drugs and alcohol.