From Disguised Bento Lunchboxes to Anime Bento Boxes

 - Jan 3, 2010   Updated: Mar 30 2011
In honor of all the amazing bento creations I've seen lately, I decided to cluster some of my favorites together. This edible Japanese art form has inspired quite a following; there are now bento-style album covers, cartoons and even bento competitions to allow talented culinary artists to showcase their work.

Check out these and more amazing bento innovations below.

Implications - Though most individuals have spent their lives being told not to play with their food, edible art is becoming its own recognized form of expression in the design industry and culinary field alike. Adult consumers grow weary of dreary daily life, and are thus searching for an element of play in even the most mundane products. Thus, plating has expanded from a way to present food to an artistic expression.