25 James Bond Innovations For Quantum Of Solace

 - Sep 25, 2008   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Even though the newest James Bond movie Quantum of Solace won't have the classic James Bond lines, you can depend on lots of gadgets. You won't hear James Bond say, "Bond, James Bond" or order a martini "shaken, not stirred." Bond would do well to look over these Trend Hunter-spotted gadgets that any spy would love to own.

Implications - When it comes to James Bond and his crazy contraptions, the line between fantasy and reality is a blur. However, in this millennium, technology is rapidly progressing and it seems whatever 007 had in his arsenal is now readily accessible. But, it's not all about having the best gadget in order to look cool; these products are produced for convenience and functionality. How they evolve in the future will be a must-see for all.