20 Innovative Eye Glasses (SUPER-GALLERY)

 - Jun 2, 2008   Updated: Apr 21 2011
Ever been called 'four eyes'? Now TrendHunter.com brings you a list of innovations in eye glasses.

From uber stylish eyewear to glasses for your dog, this list showcases innovations you can't wait to see... (ahhh, what a horrible pun)

Implications - Audiences have previously viewed glasses as an item for older (or nerdier) people; however, the idea of glasses has transferred into being stylish and an item that can create a fashion statement. With the popularization of the 'hipster,' companies such as Ray-Bans have provided stylish choices for them to wear. For those who don't actually need prescriptive glasses have been seen donning fake plastic frames in an effort to fit into the trend.