18 Ways To Pimp Your Bathroom

 - Nov 15, 2008   Updated: Mar 24 2011
It doesn't require a toilet covered with Swarovski crystals or even some super-duper swirly vortex that can remove body parts if you don't stand up before you flush. No, what it requires is panache: Little details like a sculptural urinal, custom toilet paper, a futuristic ceiling that looks like a giant boob, and--of course--the noise-canceling machine.

Implications - The bathroom isn't exactly the first place you would want to take your guests. But, most consumers decorate their bathrooms anyway in an attempt to unify their home decor. Since glamorous designs such as crystallized bathrooms aren't typically affordable, people have found other ways to personalize the space. And, as customization becomes an important factor of self-expression, it's won't be strange to see products that are made to accent and decorate the most bizarre of items.