From Bomb-Proof Garbage Bins to Crushable Trash Cans

 - Jul 24, 2009   Updated: Mar 28 2011
Trend Hunter has featured many different people who have turned their trash into something great. But what about trash cans?

A garbage bin can be added neat home decor, cool eco-friendly finds or even creatively transformed into beautiful art. We shouldn’t put to waste (ha!) a perfectly good daily tool.

Garbage galore! Here are 17 trash cannovations.

Implications - Garbage is an inevitable byproduct of our consumerist culture, but that doesn't mean that consumers are content to use standard garbage cans. Modern garbage cans for home use boast multiple features that save a homeowner's time or add a dash of personality and fun to their interior decor; commercial garbage cans present opportunities for branding, art and advertising.