- Apr 24, 2009   Updated: Mar 30 2011
Whether they're held for social, political, ethical, or downright silly reasons, parades draw a special type of ambiance and creativity. These peculiar parades are geared towards fun rather than confrontational protests.

Whether the novelty of these parades lies within their floats, attendance or theme, parade fans of any kind are sure to find some fun in this cluster.

Implications - Parades are no longer ancient relics of the past that exist only in the fond memories of your parents. Today's society is back to openly embracing fun-filled public events and the general public expects more from them than mere information or social activism. Instead, large thematic events with lots of entertainment to be had are the name of the game and this means that these gatherings hold a great deal of potential for ambitious marketers looking for a great venue for their next campaign.

From Topless Cycling to Eco-Friendly Parade Floats: