Innovative Designs of Cow Parade Participants (UPDATE)

 - Jan 28, 2009
References: cowparade
It is indeed moovellous news that Cow Parade is trendy again. The designs are becoming increasingly inventive with creations like the anatomical cow, spaceman cow and bench cow being some of the newer, more inventive pieces. Even Banksy got in on the action... well, technically he just decorated LIVE cows.

Cow Parade is the world’s largest public art project, and it is estimated that over 100 MILLION people have seen the ‘cows.’

Cows were chosen as they represent different things to different people around the world, from being sacred to historical. The ‘cows’ come in three shapes: standing, grazing and reclining, providing artists with a blank canvas on which to create their amazing pieces of work.

Here are some udder facts on this public art project from the Cow Parade HQ: