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 ;      ;                 *|                 '-.     ;
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       :'"              '-..--''          "';
        '""""""""""""""""' '"""""""""""""""'

Developer Jobs

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter Trend Hunter Keynotes Social Business Trend Reports Jeremy Trend Hunter Trend Hunter Keynotes Social Business Trend Reports Jeremy

Trend Hunter is one of Canada's most award-winning online businesses and we've entered a new period of rapid growth. In 2014, we more than tripled our staff with the addition of our Trend Advisory. Every month, top-tier innovators at brands like Adidas, Samsung, Hasbro and Budweiser rely on our cutting edge trend research to find better ideas, faster. We are rapidly expanding, especially in business development, research and sales.

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Job Description

Be heroic in a small development team that is helping all aspects of Trend Hunter. A motivated individual wishing to leave their mark on a company both technologically and culturally will find a lot of opportunity at Trend Hunter. You will work closely with our CTO on collaborative innovations and be able to lead your own projects from start to finish.

Perks include monthly fundays, weekly beer parties and a social atmosphere that few offices have the ability to top.


  • Creating back-end tools to increase the scalability of our business platform
  • Translating broad and specific business ideas to finished products
  • Designing and pushing front facing content on multiple sites with a focus on extreme efficiency
  • Monitoring and using large amounts of traffic and other analytics to make Trend Hunter more addictive
  • Overseeing the in-office network and coordinating with our remote networking teams to manage server infrastructure


  • Canadian resident living in Ontario, able to work in-office (downtown Toronto)
  • A solid foundation in programming (degree relating to Computer Science preferred)
  • General knowledge of the web and networking functions
  • Ambition and personal drive to produce consistent high quality work daily
  • Able to work independently and self-motivate

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working in a Unix environment
  • Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, CSS, JS and Apache
  • Strong communication skills (you will be communicating directly with other departments)

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Trend Hunter Jobs Office Culture Reviews

Our Culture

We will empower you. You will be granted autonomy, challenging work, and exciting projects in an atmosphere specifically designed to encourage you, train you, and unleash your full potential. Watch the video to learn more!

Trend Hunter Office 9 Trend Hunter Office 9 Trend Hunter Office 9 Trend Hunter Office Trend Hunter Office 2 Trend Hunter Office 3 Trend Hunter Office 4 Trend Hunter Office 5 Trend Hunter Office 6 Trend Hunter Office 7 Trend Hunter Office 8

Our Office

As you might expect, Trend Hunter's Toronto office exudes cool. Located near Queen and SoHo, the office is a lofty brick and beam open concept space. A media wall, projected scoreboard, beer fridge, fireplace, and British phone booth are just a few examples of how this space is extremely unique.

Trend Hunter Team

Our Team

If you are a fun-loving millennial motivated to take on meaningful work, we want to connect with you. We're looking for ambitious young people who want to help us evolve our amazing culture while putting Canada on the map in the world of Trends and Innovation.