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From the Spiritual Toll of Violence to Escaping Poverty

 - Nov 17, 2013
While violence, in any form, can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss for many people, it still demands everyone's attention and these talks on violence aim to approach the topic from a variety of perspectives. Whether it's domestic violence, terrorism or gun violence, it permeates too many areas of society to dismissed as easily as it is today.

The speech by writer Andre Dubus discusses the toll a violence environment has on one's spirituality well-being. He believes that the mind and soul inherently understand the wrongdoing of violence and it builds upon the human spirit creating deep and heavy levels of grief.

Gary Slutkin believes that the most effective way to decrease gun violence is through education as opposed to punishment. Punishing people is not the solution; public behavior and thought needs to change.

Sam Harris argues that a lot of conflict is rooted in religious differences, where people are convinced to do something they know is wrong. He uses the example of the Virginia Tech shooting; the shooter was dragged to numerous exorcisms by his mother who believed there was something evil in him. This person was consistently told that they were evil by someone they loved, so it stands to reason that they would start to believe it.

These talks on violence may be uncomfortable for people to listen to, but they message the send is necessary for all to hear.