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From Team-Building Exercises to Building off Mistakes

 - May 6, 2012
This collection of videos, which features top innovation experts such as Jeremy Gutsche, explores the most powerful creativity-generating tips for businesses today. As Gutsche explains in his keynote, leaders today must build a creative environment within his or her team. Employees must be constantly motivated, driven and inspired to come up with the company's next innovative breakthrough idea.

These videos highlight different tips and strategies for cultivating a work culture in which team members feel inspired and comfortable sharing ideas and voicing opinions. From tolerating failure to embracing setbacks and providing a team incentives to think outside the box, this collection of videos offers proven advice.

Jeremy Gutsche's keynote focuses on the importance of a creative work environment; members must be continually pushed to be imaginative, while also feel comfortable and assured that if their ideas fail, it will be tolerated.