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From Sir Ken Robinson to Steve Jobs

 - Jul 8, 2013
This collection of speeches by influential people spotlights a number of individuals who have had huge impacts on society, specifically within the 21st century. The individuals listed here have left their mark in very different areas and industries -- from technology to education and politics, these individuals have introduced new ways of thinking and living.

With much of the 21st century being defined by technology and social media, this list would not be complete without the mention of Mark Zuckerberg, who completely transformed the way people connect with one another and share content on the Internet. As one of the five founders of Facebook, Zuckerberg grew the social media site to over one billion users in 2012 as its CEO and Chairman.

Closely connected to Zuckerberg is the late Steve Jobs who revolutionized the way people use technology for everyday purposes. Having first created the iPod followed by the iconic iPhone, MacBook and iPad, Jobs enabled people to create, design, play and connect in ways no one ever imagined.

This list also wouldn't be complete without the women who have achieved so much in terms of advancing women's rights. Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey have served as strong female role models for women in both politics and the media, paving the way for future generations of empowered, successful and confident women.

These speeches by influential people of the 21st century is both informative and truly inspiring.