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From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates

 - May 29, 2013
This collection of graduation speeches features an exciting roster of speakers; everyone from well-known celebrities to news anchors and iconic figures like Steve Jobs pass on their insight, wisdom, experience and advice for new graduates out of college and university.

Since the last course on commencement speeches featured on, many more exciting talks have been added to the site. Some of these include Amy Poehler, Barbara Walters and another speech from the lovable Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres opens up about her experience as a young adult, revealing that she had no idea what to do with her life and suffered the loss of her girlfriend at the time who died in a car crash. Ellen's advice is to stay true to yourself, even if that doesn't always mean experience high levels of success -- eventually it will pay off.

Don Tapscott's speech recognizes that the challenges facing today's young generations will require a new way of thinking to find solutions. Today's challenges are much different than they were two generations ago and thus, demand for new models of thinking.

These graduation speeches are inspiring for anyone looking for a little guidance or push in the right direction -- regardless of your degree.