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From Successful core Values to the Power of Enthusiasm

 - Apr 25, 2014
Narrowly defining success in business is a tricky task to accomplish; is success characterized by one's salary? The number of employees someone manages? How early someone is able to retire? This collection speeches take a stab at uncovering the values, skills and behavior required to hit it a home run in one's professional endeavors.

World-renowned motivational speaker Anthony Robbins suggests the recipe for success can be as simple as aligning your priorities and sticking to them. It is much less complicated to create an effective strategy when you know will be dedicated and focused on achieving your goals.

Ellen Galinsky, the co-founder of Families and Work Institute, emphasizes the importance of being able to understand a multitude of perspectives on the path to success. It is crucial to be able to understand where someone -- be it a co-worker or a competitor -- is coming from.

For professional poker player Phil Gordon, defining success can be broken down to two attributes -- courage and patience. One needs to be patient when waiting for the business opportunity that feels right and one needs to brave enough to trust their personal judgement.

Defining success will be done differently by almost anyone you ask, but these speeches serve as a great starting point.