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From Business Street Skills to Seduction as a Skill

 - Dec 2, 2013
Many individuals enroll in education programs -- either college, university or business school -- as a means to acquiring and building skills. What this collection of speeches shows is that many of the skills people value so much can't actually be developed while sitting in a classroom. These speakers will show why some seemingly unconventional skills are the ones that will take you the farthest in life.

The speech by William Kamkwamba shows how one can tap into resources they already have at their disposable to acquire new skills. This 19-year-old was able to build a windmill for his family that would produce electricity to their home. He did this by modifying another version he read about in a library book and then fashioned his own windmill invention out of spare parts he already had lying around.

Mike Rowe provides an eye-opening speech on the value of skilled labor. Many people in the media and the government down-play labor-intensive jobs like plumbing or electrical work, but Rowe's speech reminds the audience that these individuals are some of the hardest working people and society depends on them everyday for things like going to the washroom and switching on a light.

Chen Lizra shows how the skill of seduction can help one advance their career -- in an honest way. She maintains that there is a science to seduction that entails making connections with people on the basis of desire. This can be applied in business in a number of ways.

Building skills throughout life is something we should all strive for, but it is important to be open-minded to the types of skills we can use in everyday life.