21 Geeky Prom Dress Ideas

#21 Disney Prom Dresses
#20 Duct Tape Prom Dresses
#19 Plastic Bag Prom Dresses
#18 Pop Can Prom Dresses
#17 Coffee Filter Fashion
#16 Intergalactic Prom Dresses
#15 Helium Prom Dresses
#14 Rebellious Anti-Prom Dresses
#13 Eyesight-Activated Dresses
#12 Disney-Themed MET Gala Dresses
#11 Literally Artistic Fashion
#10 Papercraft Prom Dresses (UPDATE)
#9 Death Star Dresses
#8 Superheroic Prom Dress Designs
#7 Fast Food Packaging Fashion
#6 Modernized Elizabethan Fashion
#5 Studious Graduation Gowns
#4 Furry Sci-Fi Fashion Statements
#3 Rotund Sci-Fi Dresses
#2 Hairy Sci-Fi Dresses
#1 Candy Wrapper Prom Dresses
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From Disney Prom Dresses to Coffee Filter Fashion

For those who are looking to make a statement at prom this year, a round up of geeky prom dress ideas is in order. In some shape or form, even top celebrities were on the nerdy train for the MET Gala this year. Kirsten Dunst embrace her inner sci-fi fanatic with a 'Star Wars' themed dress while Katie Holmes and Lupita Nyong'o inadvertently followed Disney theme.

Yet these geeky prom dress ideas embrace more than pop culture. There are also many do-it-yourself options such as candy wrapper dresses, coffee filter dresses and even Taco Bell dresses for those looking to be fully branded (or possibly sponsored). Granted, it may be too late to indulge in the latter.
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