The Victoire De Castellane Fleurs d'Excès Collection is Vibrant

By: Chalaine Mantha - Feb 28, 2011
References: luxuryculture & luxurylaunches
The Victoire De Castellane Fleurs d’Excès (Flowers of Excess) collection holds a gorgeous assortment of bold flower jewelry that is unlike any other collection you've ever seen.

The vibrant Victoire De Castellane Fleurs d’Excès collection is made with yellow and white gold, petrified wood and precious stones such as opals, sapphires, and diamonds. Aside from being aesthetically breathtaking, this collection is based on a concept that is insightful and quite deep. Victoire De Castellane explains that the collection is "the tale of flowers poisoning themselves with their own venom. It is also about self-destruction and addiction of all forms."