Loaded with elaborate face makeup, bejeweled blazers and perplexing graphic overlays, the V Magazine Spain Summer 2012 Electro Model photoshoot is a showstopper. Throughout these photographs, photographer Pierre Debusschere transports viewers into the flamboyantly euphoric and fantastically fictional world of fashion.

Saturated in stunning hues, mixed material embellishments and emotionless expressions, it is easy to get lost in this photographic series. The graphic overlays that delicately drape over this editorial add an intensely interesting aspect to this collection of already eye-catching captures. Surprisingly, the invigorating fashions featured throughout the shoot are simple and sleek (once their over-exaggerated embellishments are shed).

With Debusschere’s V Magazine Spain Summer 2012 Electro Model photoshoot you’re sure to get lost in the majestic world of bedazzled fashions.