The 'Girl Who Ate Everything' Peanut Butter Cheese Balls are Splendid

By: Erin Kirkpatrick - Aug 20, 2012
References: the-girl-who-ate-everything
The 'Girl Who Ate Everything' Peanut Butter Cheese Ball can be counted on to add an aesthetically pleasing touch to holiday sweets. For lovers of peanut and all things delicious in the world, this decorative dessert creation will add a stunning touch to after-dinner coffee and tea.

Stroll into the kitchen and combine cream cheese, peanut butter, powdered sugar and brown sugar into a sugary paste. Then simply roll this delectable frozen mixture in peanut butter and chocolate chips. Pop into the freezer for another couple of hours and you'll have one fantastic dessert.

Although the Girl Who Ate Everything Peanut Butter Cheese Ball can be whipped up in a snap, this concoction can be made ahead of time and thawed out. Designed to be serve with wafer cookies, graham crackers or the healthier option of apple slices, this peanut butter-packed snack is sure to be a holiday favorite.