Surreal Adventures by Sergey Ryzhov is Dream-Like

By: Jamie Danielle Munro - May 18, 2011
References: enveuz.deviantart &
Surreal Adventures by Sergey Ryzhov has a touch of the uncanny as colorful whales and larger-than-life birds fall from the sky. If you are looking for a dream-like thrill, then these artworks are for you.

Imagine yourself walking through a landscape produced by a combination of both The Lord of the Rings and your wildest fantasy. Then fill this space with the most surreal animals imaginable and you will have a sense of what Ryzhov's work looks like. He does a great job in melding a dark, mysterious color palette with hints of bright pigments.

Surreal Adventures by Sergey Ryzhov is one of the most mind-bending artistic journeys I have ever experienced and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to take the leap.