Street View Zombie Apocalypse by Mike Lacher has Fun With Google Maps

By: Peter Vallas - Mar 2, 2011
References: wonder-tonic & interweb3000.blogspot
Street View Zombie Apocalypse is an mashup creation by programmer Mike Lacher. The online interactive game is a brilliant creation that runs on your browser and uses the abilities of Google Maps and Street View.

Street View Zombie Apocalypse is both fun, and at times challenging. You start off by picking a location of your choice as the starting point, a timer is on top calculating how long you've been alive for and then next to that is a map that shows the zombie advancements.

The zombies in Street View Zombie Apocalypse move pretty fast on the map at times so you have make sure you pick the proper routes. It's best you pick an area you know so that you can easily navigate through the hordes of zombies.