The Sports Balls Replaced with Cats Blog Wins the Game

By: Meghan Young - Apr 13, 2013
References: sportballsreplacedwithcats.tumblr & neatorama
The Sports Balls Replaced with Cats Tumblr depicts golden moments that would have been amazing if they actually occurred. A succinct and apt title for the blog, the sports balls for everything from basketball to rugby and soccer have been replaced with meowing kittens. More than that, the images have been carefully curated so that the cats fit perfectly into each scene.

As the Sports Balls Replaced with Cats Tumblr reads, "Just a bunch of athletes competing for the sweetest kittens." Who wouldn't want to play in a sport like that? Perhaps more kids would love time spent in the gym and running around outdoors if this was the case in real life. Perhaps not. All that can be determined is how amazing each and every image is.