These Psychedelic Cats are Flashy and Adorable

By: Sarah St.Jules - Jul 30, 2013
References: fuckyeahpsychedeliccats.tumblr & complexmag
Felines have been an Internet phenomenon for quite some time and these psychedelic cats are colorful, cute and cuddly, fitting purrfectly into society's cat obsession. This picture series is a collection of work that fans have posted on the Tumblr account 'F*** Yeah Psychedelic Cats.'

Cat enthusiasts were given the mission to create psychedelic cats; they have come together and made a selection of tie-dyed, trippy-inspired prints. This series isn't exclusive to only household cats; both tigers and lions get their share of printed pictures. These pictures of psychedelic cats are not only a humorous take on our furry friends, but also a means for people to express their creativity.