Rock the Adorably Monstrous Petit Bateau x Herman Dune Capsule Collection

By: Matt Ho - Jan 31, 2012
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Any inspiration for fashion involving monsters is welcoming, especially if it's child-friendly like the Petit Bateau x Herman Dune Capsule Collection.

The Petit Bateau x Herman Dune Capsule Collection brings the French brand and the French musical duo together for a special series of clothes. The main theme? The mythical Yeti, who is actually a mascot of the band. The collection will consist of mariniere, bodysuits and t-shirts decorated with images of the mythical monster. For this special release, Herman Dune has written a song called 'I'll Be Blue,' which will be included in the deluxe edition of their album Strange Moosic, also on sale at Petit Bateau stores. There will also be a chance for fans and children to attend a concert and a music workshop at Champs-Elysées in Paris, France on March 3rd.