The Pendolo 2 Speakers Put Your Music in Motion

By: Alex Scott - Mar 4, 2010
References: omersagivdesign.blogspot & yankodesign
It's safe to say that gone are the days of giant sound systems with subwoofers as big as your head. Micro systems have been around for a while but the units they are coming out with today are positively tiny. Take the Pendolo 2 Speakers, for example. At first glance you might guess that this system will have as much power as an alarm clock. Well, guess again.

The Pendolo 2 Speakers, although small, apparently pack quite a wallop. The dangling orbs that are hanging off the strings are the main woofers while the horn-shaped structures provide the bass. Designed by Omer Sagiv, the Pendolo 2 Speakers are meant to take the shape of the sounds they omit: the treble is spherical while the bass takes the shape of a smooth wave. Neat.